Tuesday, January 07, 2014


I actually got to do some sewing this weekend.  Actually, I am making a point to spend 15 sewing.  Sewing makes me happy, and seems to be an escape from reality for me.  Here's what I've been up to:

I joined Cotton Robin.  I participated in the first round of this swap a couple years ago and loved it.  I finished my center block, just need to pack it up and send it to the organizer.  No picture, because it's supposed to be a surprise.

Finished an Orca Bay:

Orca Bay was the Quiltville Mystery 2 years ago.  I made all the blocks, split them in half and finished a lap sized one.  I've got the blocks to make a second, which is good, because this one was a gift for a friend.  I ADORE scrap quilts, and the itty-bitty pieces.

I also made 3 blocks for the Block Lotto.  I've been following even though I haven't been participating for a couple years.  My favorite colors and shapes.


  1. Kristin, I am concerned because I've sent a couple of email messages (related to the Block Lotto) and haven't heard from you. I hope you are OK and can get in touch.

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