Friday, September 25, 2009


19 costumes, 1 month. Doable but daunting.

I’ve committed to building 12 Baby Mice, 7 Party Boys and 1 Fritz for EBC's The Nutcracker. No patterns, but I do have the old costumes to use as templates. So far I’ve layed out one of the Mice and traced out pattern pieces for the front, back and sleeve. Next step is to cut out one and build it, to test my pattern.

Totally had plans to do that this afternoon while the kiddos were entertaining each other after school. Really I did. Cleaned off the table, laid out the fabric and started tracing.

Then I remembered that the kids hadn’t eaten lunch yet. So, everything got swept off the table so they could eat without touching the fabric. Now I have a pile of gray microsuede fabric and pattern pieces smunched up on my ironing board. 

I could be doing it right now, while The Boy and Miss Mae are at Tap Class and Muffin is enjoying time with no siblings. Instead I’m sitting here writing. I promise I’ll do it after all the kiddos are safely in bed and nowhere near the pattern pieces and fabric.

Really, I will...really.