Sunday, May 29, 2011

Knock Knock

Hear that? 

 it's opportunity knocking on my door.  Just when Mr. Chaos and I were trying to figure out how we were going to make ends meet this summer, a project presents itself.

Three weeks of work for me.
As a stage manager.

 If you'd like to know what a stage manager does, here's the Wikipedia definition.

I'll be working on The Shedd's production of Pal Joey.  The scheduling worked out beautifully, there are only a couple of nights that I'll need to find childcare.

Rehearsals start Tuesday.  and run 6-10:30 every night except Saturday.  So much for a relaxed June.  Oh well.  Now I'm playing catch up, trying to do all the prep work that I usually do in 3 weeks into 3 days. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Played a bit in my garden today...

I've decided to start a blog for my other love - Roses.

check it out!

Back in the groove

I'm finally feeling like I'm beginning to get caught up with life.   I actually started and completed a project all in the same week.
(can you believe it?)

I made a little quilt for my mother-in-law for Mother's day.  The idea came from the a magazine I picked up - Quilt Almanac 2011.

I was rather disappointed in the magazine.  I was expecting templates and patterns for all the flowers and leaves, but there wasn't any.  The other patterns in the book were okay, but nothing super exciting.  I wouldn't recommend spending $10 on it, it wasn't worth it. 

Anyway, back to my project

vase of love quilty

It was challenging.
I'm not super comfortable with applique, but I think it turned out neat.
Each hand print is one of the grand kids.

vase of love detail (3)

vase of love detail (2)

I practiced my stippling and "organic" outlining.

I'm a bit more comfortable using fusible web.  The web had problems sticking to the back of the hand prints, even when I followed the actual directions on the packaging.

She was thrilled with it, which is what matters most.

I've started packing up my UFOs that I know I won't work on this summer.
I'm trying to be realistic, summer is busy enough and then adding in building and moving...  I'm totally thrilled to be building a house that's almost double the size of our current home.
(and I get my own room, JUST FOR SEWING!!!!!)

I'm also dreading packing and moving.
We've lived here for 9 years.  When we moved in it was just me, the Mr. and a nine month old baby.  We've managed to accumulate 2 more kinds and a lot of stuff in 9 years.

School will be out for the summer in about 6 weeks, and that's when I'll really start packing up everything.  We should be moving at the end of August.

Super exciting!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday

What a week!

Miss Mae had a birthday - (she's 9!) She picked out the fabric for her birthday dress - one I would have NEVER chosen. 

in birthday dress

Now, I'm glad I bought extra, I think it would make a great focal print for a quilt.
Her favorite part is the orange flower.

Am I really old enough to have a nine-year-old?
When did that happen?
If I stop feeding her, will she stop growing? 
I get teary just thinking about it.

Time to change the subject.
bee blocks.

Green and purple strings for Eileen.

purple and green strings     purple and green strings (2)
Lovin' these colors!

I have 2 sets for Jen - I'm in 2 different bees with her.

First, we have a block that completely defeated me.
I admit it.
I'm baffled.
The fabric won.
I'm waving the white flag.

She wanted blocks based on this waverunner quilt.

wave runner

I'm not thrilled with how they turned out, but I hope they're acceptable.
I felt like I was forcing the fabric into a shape it didn't want to be in.
I couldn't get them to lay flat for nothing.

I followed the directions and everything. 
The second set for Jen was much more fun.
Wonky quarter logs using this tutorial from Quilt Dad.

wonky quarter logs    wonky quarter log close (2)

Pretty.   Have I mentioned that purples are my favorite colors?

And, my work in progress.

My very first truly original design.
I designed it for the Solids Challenge, but wanted to test it before I started on the "real" one.

I am pleased to present
"Following the Leader"

follow the leader (3)

I can't decide - does it need a border?  or will a contrasting binding be enough?

Currently it's about 50" square.... 

This one's for niece Skylar.

She's Muffin's age and in love with pink.
Her mom, however, is growing tired of all the pink.  I thought this was a nice compromise.
Pink without being overwhelmingly princess-y pink.

what do you think?

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