Monday, September 09, 2013

Changes. and Gratitude.

I haven’t blogged in ages.  Mostly because I haven’t done any real sewing or quilting in ages.  And if I did, I didn't have the time or energy to take pictures and write about it.

So the focus and format of my blog is changing.  
Change is good, right?

I’d still like to share my creative-ness when I have time, but I will be writing more and show-and-telling less. 

The past 12 months have turned my world upside-down,  inside-out and sideways.  I got thrown one curve after another.  Barely recovering before the next one flew at me. All life altering events. every. single. one.   

And I got them all in 12 months.  Lucky me.

But you know what?  I survived.

I don’t want to write a big long post about all the crap that’s happened in the last year.  Pieces will come up when I’m thinking about them, but I'm not up for a long story of my woes.

As I work through the different changes, struggles and successes I will write about them.

I have half a dozen blog topics pop into my head throughout the course of a day.  The usual conversation in my head goes something like this: 

“wow, that's a great topic, I have an opinion on that I should write it.” or "Huh. I figured that out.  Someone else may benefit from my experience"   


“who’d read it?”

Today there was a third response

“does it matter if anyone reads it?”

That one kinda stopped me in my tracks.

No, it really doesn't matter if anyone reads it. Not if I want to write it.

So, welcome to the new Sew Chaos, Sew Crazy, Sew Wonderful.  

Less crafty-crap and more thinking and words.  I’m not saying there won’t be crafty, cooking, baking stuff – I still do that, but it’s certainly not my focus right now.

Without further adieu,  I present

***Post Moved to Distilled Chaos***