Thursday, January 21, 2010

List One

Totally busy, got tons on my plate and I can't focus on finishing ANYTHING.  Very frustrating.  I figured a list or two would help...True sign of a procrastinator..make lists instead of actual working on anything.

List One - Unfinished Sewing Projects

1. Miss Mae's Quilt - quilted and bound
2. The Boy's Quilt - borders added, quilted and bound
3. Muffin's Quilt - quilted and bound
4. Baby Quilt Tops - My sister just had twins, and I'm making the tops for their quilts.  Totally adorable.
5. Baby Gown - This one's super simple, will take maybe an hour to finish, just need to attach the top to the skirt, I've already finished one.
6. Carolina Christmas - I'm on Step 5 out of 7 - getting close!
7. Hanging Dishtowels - These were supposed to be Christmas gifts, but didn't get them done, now they're waiting...
8. Hugs - This is a string X quilt that I started, no real pattern - Just sort of followed a few tutorials - kind of.
9. Scrappy Log Cabins - These are 1" strips, paper pieced...Lost of fun.

That's it for now...later, another list!

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