Thursday, December 01, 2011

I Hate Decisions! Help!

So, I'm building this quilt.
The top is done.
Yeah me!  

full top

But then I decided it needs a border....I think..

These are my three choices.

3 border choices

I can't decide which (if any) I should use!

corner with no border
No border

border option 1
Border 1 - this fabric isn't in the quilt anywhere, but it goes nicely with the other greens.

border option 2
border 2 - solid red

border option 3
or border 3 - leaves on cream

What would you choose?


  1. I like the solid red - make sure you wash it first - I did a solid red border one time and it made the whole quilt pink when it got washed :(

  2. I like the third border. It ties all the green together.

  3. I like the third choice too.