Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

I'm not going to recap 2011.
I'd love to, but it would take a while, and I'm not up for that right now.  Instead, I'd like to share what's been going on around here.

The holidays were a wonderful time filled with family.
I've been busy keeping the kids busy, hence the lack of blogging.  It's last on the list of priorities.  I'm not apologizing, just explaining.  

Sunrise from my living room.  Pretty isn't it?  One of the best changes to happen in the last year was our move.  I've never been happier.

The coming year holds a lot of changes for me.
Starting next week, I'm heading back to school.  I've enrolled in Oregon State University's Ecampus Horticulture Program.  


well, it was always the plan to find gainful employment or continue my education once all three kids were in school all day.  Muffin started the year in Kindergarten but at our request was evaluated and bumped up to First grade.  It is a much better fit for her, and she's having fun.  
So, I was suddenly home most of the day without kids.

My ideas/thoughts/loose plans had to be moved up a year.
okay, that's why I'm going to school - but horticulture?

I grow roses, I have about 50 of them that I dug up and moved here.  I used to root cuttings and sell the baby roses online.  The stopped when we moved.  

I have this dream of owning my own rose nursery.   Now I have the space to start that.  So, Horticulture.

So that's where I am.
I start with Chemistry and Math - and I'm pretty nervous.
Those aren't my strong areas and it's been awhile.  The program I'm in strongly suggests that these course be complete first, so here I go.

I've also confirmed my summer work as a Stage Manager for The Shedd, where I worked last summer.

I'll have less time for quilting.

I'd like to say I'm going to work of finishing my WIPs. But we'll see what happens.

I'm limiting myself to The Block Lotto and a single round robin swap, The Cotton Robin.

I'm horrible at keeping myself on a schedule, which I find hilarious, because I'm a good stage manager and 90% of that job required juggling a billion different schedules, and keeping track of them all.

So, if anyone has any tips for self-scheduling, I'd love to hear them.

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  1. If you need assistance with math, I'm available to help. I really mean it. (I suck at chemistry. sorry.) I admire you for going back to school!