Friday, February 24, 2012

Cultural Night

Yup, I'm still here.  Not a lot of crafting/sewing going on.
I'm pushing through my first term back at school and spending lots of time being a mom.

Last night was cultural night at the kids' school.  The whole family went and had a great time.

a few observations:

  • paper bag crafts during a presentation are a bad idea.
  • the later the evening gets, the less patient the parents get.
  • When having a musical guest perform, preview their presentation. (we watched ten minutes of powerpoint slides on the different places he'd lived, complete with old pictures.)
  • Middle-schoolers are obnoxious where ever they are, you just don't notice as much when there are only 15 in a school of 100.
  • It bugs me to no-end when performers don't know their lyrics.  

Tonight I get to get all dressed up and help out at a fundraiser for the Eugene Ballet.

Whoo hoo - adults to talk to!

Have a good weekend! 

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