Monday, October 22, 2012

Tess-Quik aka Gluten Free, Fructose Free Baking Mix

I love this stuff.  Period.  I found the recipe at  I originally found her new updated super healthy version, but was quickly put off by all the "not normal" ingredients.  The link below will take you to the version of the mix I make.  Below are the changes I've made to it, to make it fructose free, and Tess-approved.

Gluten Free All Purpose/Master Baking Mix

Ingredients that I've subbed out and their replacements:

brown rice flour white rice flour
oat flour - or - millet flour sorghum flour
tapioca flour - equal parts corn starch and arrowroot starch

This is now a staple in our pantry, which we have affectionately named "Tess-Quik"

Ginger Lemon Girl has a bunch of recipes posted on her blog that you can use this mix for.  I bought her e-book Gluten Free Baking *101* and it has been invaluable.  It also has a bunch of recipes using the mix.  It's the only cookbook I've paid for since we switched to the gluten free, low fructose diet.  It has a nice bit of information about the different flours and starches along with recipes.

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