Wednesday, May 04, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday

What a week!

Miss Mae had a birthday - (she's 9!) She picked out the fabric for her birthday dress - one I would have NEVER chosen. 

in birthday dress

Now, I'm glad I bought extra, I think it would make a great focal print for a quilt.
Her favorite part is the orange flower.

Am I really old enough to have a nine-year-old?
When did that happen?
If I stop feeding her, will she stop growing? 
I get teary just thinking about it.

Time to change the subject.
bee blocks.

Green and purple strings for Eileen.

purple and green strings     purple and green strings (2)
Lovin' these colors!

I have 2 sets for Jen - I'm in 2 different bees with her.

First, we have a block that completely defeated me.
I admit it.
I'm baffled.
The fabric won.
I'm waving the white flag.

She wanted blocks based on this waverunner quilt.

wave runner

I'm not thrilled with how they turned out, but I hope they're acceptable.
I felt like I was forcing the fabric into a shape it didn't want to be in.
I couldn't get them to lay flat for nothing.

I followed the directions and everything. 
The second set for Jen was much more fun.
Wonky quarter logs using this tutorial from Quilt Dad.

wonky quarter logs    wonky quarter log close (2)

Pretty.   Have I mentioned that purples are my favorite colors?

And, my work in progress.

My very first truly original design.
I designed it for the Solids Challenge, but wanted to test it before I started on the "real" one.

I am pleased to present
"Following the Leader"

follow the leader (3)

I can't decide - does it need a border?  or will a contrasting binding be enough?

Currently it's about 50" square.... 

This one's for niece Skylar.

She's Muffin's age and in love with pink.
Her mom, however, is growing tired of all the pink.  I thought this was a nice compromise.
Pink without being overwhelmingly princess-y pink.

what do you think?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Very nice work! Your daughter is adorable and the dress looks so cute on her! I like the waverunner blocks too - hey, if you like purple, head over to my post today - lots of purple there. I just started to follow you, if you'd like, you can follow me back! Thanks!

  2. Oh...what a totally, fully, happily lovely post! I'm just blown away by the sentiments, the colors, the fabric and the purpleness of it all!

    Thanks for such a sweet post!

  3. Oh dear. See I have a 9 year old daughter too so I totally get it. And like your niece, she's totally into pink, which I am not. I did a compromise quilt of my own which you can see here.
    Yes, there's still pink (Lord knows there's pink on the back!) but I even stretched to add some green to pull away from the pink!
    Love your wonky squares!

  4. Happy Belated birthday to Mae! I love all the bee blocks! the follow the lead quilt looks really nice,I think if you are pleased with the size a matching binding would be very nice.I have done that to a few quilts and while doing I was thinking does it need to be bigger?,,and the binding acted as a frame.

  5. Skylar's quilt is great as is. I'd use a strong color like that pink for a binding. You've done better than I this week!

  6. I tried one of those waverunner blocks and it was a total bust too. Love your quilt you designed. I think I would like it with just a contrasting binding, it sure is pretty as it is.

  7. Great projects! Especially like the wonky and the string blocks! "Follow the leader" is lovely - I'd go with just the contrasting binding myself!

  8. Love that quilt--will there be a tutorial? Your blocks look great!