Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still haven't found the Camera

Okay, so I'm still missing my camera.  I saw it.... somewhere.  

We're making progress finding homes for all our stuff.
We have hi-speed internet - We went with a Verizon Mobile Hotspot.  Works pretty well, not as fast as cable, but I'm not gonna complain.

We're having an Open House-Warming in 2 weeks, so we're trying really hard to get everything unpacked and put away.  I'm excited to show off our new home and the surrounding piles of dirt!

I'm sorting through my crafting supplies.  It had been scattered around the old house, shoved into every nook and cranny.  Now that I have a room for sewing, I need to make it all fit in that room.  So, I'm going to have to get rid of some stuff.

Today's goal is to finish sorting the toys.  With 3 kids, all in different stages of playing, we've got a lot of toys. I'm getting rid of broken toys, and finding homes for everything.  It's been a task taking over two weeks, but I'm down to the final  couple of boxes.  I should be able to get through them today.
I've determined I HATE Polly Pockets.  Little Pets aren't much better.

School starts on Sept 7.
All three kids will go to the same school - a small K-8 about 10 miles down the road.
They're all totally excited.
The school does a staggered start, with 4-8 starting on the 7th, and K-3 on the 8th.  Muffin - who's starting kindergarten this fall  - is completely devastated that Miss Mae gets to go to school a whole day earlier.

Life is good.
Things are setting down.
I'm looking forward to September.

Pictures soon - I promise!

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