Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Help! I Can't Decide!

I just spent the last 2 hours browsing for fabric online.  Generally I start at Fat Quarter Shop and then see if I can beat the price elsewhere.  I like their pictures of the collections.

What was I shopping for?  I'm doing a totally wonderful trade with a knitting friend of mine, Maiya.
I'm making her an advent calendar and she's knitting a few gifts for me.

I hate picking fabric for other people!  What if they don't like it?

I've decided to use a charm pack, I figured that would give me the most variety at the least cost.

She asked for something fun and funky - she's got two little boys.  

Not a lot of options out there.

but her kids are afraid of sock monkeys.  don't laugh, mine are too.

After searching more I've narrowed it down....

which I love, but I'm not sure it's "fun" enough...

which I can't find in charm packs - I'd have to buy a layer cake... (oh darn)


What do you think?

Are there other fun and funky collections I've missed?

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  1. My vote goes for O' Tinsel Tree! :) Love them all though!