Friday, September 14, 2012


depression sucks.
not the my-cat-just-died depressed.
the mind-numbing, bone-aching, unending-grey-swirling-mess depression.

it sucks.


admit it. look yourself in the mirror.
say, yes, I am depressed. I am having a hard time functioning on a day to day basis.  I will make an appointment to see a health care professional.  i will go to said appointment.

giving in and sleeping all day is easier.
easier for whom?

you?  sure, probably.
your family?
nope.  not a chance.

deal.  get up. function.

you don't have to like it, it will probably hurt and totally suck.
you'll get frustrated that you can barely manage to switch the loads of laundry before you're exhausted.

it doesn't matter.
get up. do it.
grit your teeth and deal with it.

switch the laundry.
someone is counting on you.  someone needs you to switch the loads.

what you do is more important than how you feel.

great.  now there are clothes in the dryer so everyone will have clean clothes in the morning.

what's next?

food.  yup.  kids will want to eat.  spouses want to eat. pets, they want to eat too.
believe it or not, you need to eat, even if the thought of food makes you sick to your stomach.

deal with it. eat. something.

Ramen.  mac and cheese. easy dinner.  feed your family.

now they are fed and clothed.  the basics.  sit at the table and listen.
don't put your head down.


listen to your family, talk with them, love them.

even if you aren't worth the effort, don't be selfish.
they are.  live for them.  deal with it for them.
don't lay on the couch and whine.

just deal with it.

overwhelmed yet?


deal with it everyday until you realize you are no longer dealing, but living.  figure it out.

but don't, don't, tell me you can't do something, or you're too tired.
it's a cop out.

been there.  done that.

I dealt. I functioned.  it sucked.

and now it doesn't.