Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A week.

I cannot begin to describe the month I've had. Just a taste -

The month began with a production week. A new Ballet to costume.
Granted, I wasn't building anything this time, just fixing and quick changes.
Mr. Chaos works for the Company too, so we spent a chaotic week shuffling the kids around and ignoring the house.

Now this is normal.
We spend the next week doing laundry and finding the kitchen counters.

Not this time.
This time Mr. Chaos left mid-week with the Company on a multi-city tour. The house was a pit, the kids were kids, and I wasn't sleeping well (I don't when he's gone.) By Thursday I was running on Oreos and coffee. At about 6:30 that evening, these arrived.

He is truly an amazing man. :)

The week got better from that point. Friday was a no-school Friday, and I only had all the kids - 7, 6, 5, 4, and the 3 month-old twins - until noonish.

Once the extras went home we all went outside and played in the dirt.

My first rose was blooming!  It's Joseph's Coat and he is always the first in bloom.

I moved a couple of roses. Wise Portia and Fisherman's Friend.  They hadn't been doing well where they were.

Not much to see now, but hopefully in a month or two they'll take off.

The kids were each given the opportunity to pick out any plant from the local garden center. I assumed they'd pick flowers - you know - pansies and marigolds.


Miss Mae picked an artichoke. An artichoke??

Muffin picked through an entire flat of strawberry starts to find one that already had a berry on it.

And The Boy?? He picked a zucchini.
because he wants me to make zucchini cookies.

Days like these make it all better.

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