Monday, June 07, 2010

Cathedral Windows

Sneak peek - June STUD anything goes :)
I've always admired the beautiful catherdral windows quilts.  I've always thought - wow - that's got to be totally hard.  Way beyond my skill set.  Then I stumbled onto The Sometimes Crafter.  This is where I found the pattern for the circle of geese, a pattern I fell in love with.  She has a tutorial for a cathedral windows block.  Well, its not really a block, more of a technique, but wow.  I'm in the process of building a mini using the technique and so far, I'm in love.  She references 8 different tutorials she used in creating hers, so I thought - hmmm totally too hard.  nope.  not hard at all.  just different.

I asked one of my online bee groups if they would be up for trying it and sadly it was decided it's just too complicated.  (without even trying to make the block)  No hard feelings, I completely understand, it isn't like normal quilting at all.  I can only post a peek of a picture of my mini, but when my partner gets it, I'll be posting more.

I'm basically following the tutorial, but I am doing a few things differently.

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