Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Costumes, Costumes and More Costumes

Cinderella - done?
No, not really.  Feels like it though.  We have two more venues to visit this weekend and then I'll be able to clean and store the costumes. 

With a small break this week I had thought to get caught up on my bee's but instead I did fittings for Nutcracker.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the costumes (with dancers) that I've been playing with for the last month.  I apologize for their quality, I was snapping the pictures backstage as I had time.
EBC Cinderella Ball Lady pink, Ball Man 4

These beautiful ballgowns were by far the most work for me.  They are silk and beaded and 15 years old, so they are constantly needing repairs.

EBC CInderella Ball ladies red, yellow and ball man 2

EBC CInderella prince act 3

This is one of Prince Charming's costumes.  He tore the sleeves under the arm and since they are silk and 15 years old, I opted to remove them, he now wears a billowy cream shirt under it.  It actually looks better!

EBC CInderella dragonfly

A dragonfly - before you insist there are no dragonflies in Cinderella - the ballet is different than the movie.  Cinderella meets four fairies of the seasons and they gift her with her gown, shoes and pretties for the ball.  The dragonflies are part of Spring.
EBC CInderella fairy winter

My favorite of the fairy costumes.  Its new, I didn't build it but it is glittery and sparkly on stage.  The winter variation is my favorite of the fairy dances.

So these (and many more) are the costumes that have occupied every moment I had for the last month.

I can't wait to be able to spend time sewing something cotton that doesn't need to fit anyone!

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  1. these are beautiful! I'm so impressed with your sewing skills! (these would scare me to death).

    "I can't wait to be able to spend time sewing something cotton that doesn't need to fit anyone!"

    I was thinking that same thing, and all I made was my son's Halloween costume! :-D