Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Bit of Christmas Sewing

Alrighty, here's the last of my Christmas sewing reveal.

In the two weeks before Christmas I also made eight potholder/trivets, various sizes and styles, all made with a 12 days of Christmas Charm pack.
(I adore Kate Spain)

I didn't have a chance to take any pictures of them, Mr. Chaos was wrapping them as quick as I could finish them.

My sister-in-law was nice enough to snap of picture of the one I made for her, so you can get the general sense of what they looked like.
christmas potholder

I've decided that grommets are the best.
love them.
gonna use them all the time.

I also made ten of these
crayon tote outside

Crayon totes for my nieces and nephews.

crayon tote inside



I only needed 9, but I somehow mis-counted the number of "boy" ones and "girl" ones so I have an extra boy one.

I'll save if for a random birthday gift.

All of the totes are different.

My kids picked who got which one, it was really fun to watch them figure out who would like what.

I was a bit nervous because the two oldest are in 6th grade, and I thought they might be a bit old for them.  I swapped out the crayons for colored pencils, and they love them.

That does it for my Christmas craziness.
four big quilts,
eight quilted potholders/trivets
ten crayon totes.

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