Saturday, January 15, 2011

Part Three of Four ~ Completed Quilts

This is the quilt I am the most proud of and I totally love it.   

May I introduce you to my Pinwheel Sampler?

Pinwheel Sampler

I adore it.

Pinwheel Sampler

I participated in PS I Quilt's Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along.

Mr. Chaos helped create the layout, which I like better than the standard 4 x 4 square.

I quilted wobbly  organic circles in the pinwheel blocks

Pinwheel Sampler Detail

 and curly-q's in the blank areas.

Pinwheel Sampler quilting Detail

I did a border of squares and mini pinwheels, which really finished it.

Pinwheel Sampler

The fabric is Hello Betty - the retro colorway.
I didn't mean to purchase the retro colorway, it was the very first pre-cut I bought (it was a layer cake)

This wonderful quilt now happily resides on the back of my sister's couch.

She watched me build it, the WHOLE time commenting on how great the colors were and how much she loved it.
how could I not give it to her?

She's hinting telling me that she needs some matching pillows.

on a side note, JoAnn's was out of warm and natural when I bought batting for this one, so I went with organic cotton.
 (after my coupon was the same price as warm and natural)

i have to say, I may never go back.
It has such a nice, soft feel to it.
not stiff at all, it drapes very nicely.
 and it's still thin and wrinkly.

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