Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Completely Done Quilt - Well - Mini Quilt

I've pieced quilts before and tied them. 
I've never done the "free motion" quilting before.
Never bound a quilt (I usually sew them right sides together and turn them right side out.)

I decided I needed to do the whole thing.

So I did. There are tons of mistakes and goofs in this tiny liitle quilt.  It only measures 9 1/2" x 11 1/2"

The top is made from left over bits from Miss Mae's Bargello Top. (Still unfinished)

The backing is some super-thin, "vintage" pansy fabric from the early 80s that was gifted to me by my Mother-in-law.  Couldn't really toss it, without using SOME of it.

I zig-zagged the back of the binding on to the quilt, completely missing some on the front.  Good thing I had already sewn that on!

I learned a lot, like - free motion quilting is MUCH more difficult than it looks.
I'm still not completely sure on how to make the binding corners lay flat and look neat.
But, Muffin loves it, and so does her dolly.

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  1. I think your free motion quilting is fine ... and after a couple more quilts, I'll bet you'll be happy with it, too. This little quilt is SO sweet; I expect Molly and her dolly to enjoy it for years.