Sunday, February 07, 2010


This afternoon while Daddy was watching the Superbowl we worked on the "W"
She set the S next to the W to help with sizing.

This time I did less directing and more questioning.  She did pretty well.  First she sewed the pinks to the backgrounds. 

She pressed and trimmed after sewing each seam.

She set them back in the layout so she could see what she should do next.

Yes, that is my hand helping to hold the ruler...she made me nervous!

She was so serious about doing it right!

She figured out the E is just a sideways W.  "Oh, Mom!  The E's are going to be totally easy now!"

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  1. What a determined–I love her expression in the photo, creative and SMART daughter. Has she figured out that there are three E's in sweetie? Once she makes them, she'll almost be done.