Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Love Letters

This month's block at the block lotto are "love letters"  Pieced or appliqued terms of endearment word blocks.    My first attempt was "Lover"  totally failed, tossed it in the trash.  My second one, "Cupcake" came out better.  Still not perfect, but getting there. 

Next was "Baby Doll"  Which I opted not to connect, so the winner can use them side-by-side or vertically.

Then I decided to try thin letters - I have an idea for a super long "love letters"  so I wanted to perfect the letters before attempting it.  So here's "Hunny Bunny".
I think this turned out super cute!  I'm only allowing myself to use fabrics from my stash for the block lotto, and I was totally thrilled to find a use for the polka dotted background.

Stay tuned for more!

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