Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finished Coins!

Kim's Coins Finished

Done and gifted! 

We went camping this week with friends, one who happened to be Kim, the new owner of this quilt.  She loves it!  Whew!  I have horrible self-esteem when it comes to making things for other people.  (what if they don't like it?) and as a trade, I wanted it to be perfect, since I adore my redone furniture. (which I just realize I hadn't blogged about yet)
Any-who, she adores it, so all's well.  This was the quickest turn around I've ever done.  one evening to piece the coins, one evening to piece the top, and a day to quilt, bind and wash it.

I'm still a newbie at the whole actual quilting process.  I outlined the coins and did loopy vines in the white.  It finished at about 50"x60."

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  1. It's really beautiful. Hooray that she loves it. :)