Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My most amazing friend Kim redid my old sewing table and my girls' dresser in trade for a quilt.  (I love trades!!!)  The dresser and sewing table look wonderful.  You can see before and after pics here.

She requested a red, white and black quilt with an asian/ modern feel.

Here's my final plan.  I had to redo it about a billion times until I was happy with it. Then, before I started to cut the fabric I decided to double check my plan and found I had goofed on the math. I redid the whole idea. I'm short about 1/2 yard of red for the inner border. (Oh darn, I'll have to go buy fabric.)

Kim's Coins plan

Here's the fabric I chose.
Kim's Coins Fabric

Now I'm ready to get started.  I hope it's modern/asian enough!

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  1. love those fabrics. I think they definitely fit the modern/asian vibe.