Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew In Results

...or lack there of.

Yup.  I did not do I single bit of sewing last night. 

I had it all planned.  It was gonna be great.

Redboxed 3 movies for the kids.

(Inkheart is a great family movie.
It doesn't hurt that Brendan Frazier is easy on the eyes.)
Half way through the movie, Muffin asked if she can bring her blankie out.
(She's 5, which means that her blankie needs to live on her bed, and she can have it at bedtime.)

I looked up from the dishes and saw that she was flushed.

Warning signs.
sick kiddo.

Yup.  no sewing.
I can't listen for her with the sewing machine running.
all my plans washed away.


It wasn't a total loss.

I opened the box that had arrived earlier.

open box

removed the paper and....

open box (2)

12 lbs of fabric.

I ordered this grab bag from The Fat Quarter Shop. 
It was on sale and I had a coupon code!
I hadn't ordered their grab bag before and I was totally stoked and excited to see what happiness had arrived.

The iron doesn't make any noise.

So, I touched, petted, ironed, measured and folded every bit of fabric in the box.

ocd list

and yes, I am that OCD.
I measured and made a list of every bit in the box.
(I wanted to know how much yardage and my overall price per yard.)

The dryer just buzzed. 
The contents of the box will have to be in another post.


  1. Fun box - How much was the price per yd? Was it worth it?! You looks like you had a fun FNSI with the new fabric!

  2. I had to laught about your list. Because I would do just the same. lol. I hope your little one feels better again.

  3. So...was the 12 lb box worth it? Sorry to hear your little was sick but I hope you enjoyed your time with the fabric. By the way, Brendan Fraser is one of my favorites too. :)