Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pure Hexagons...Pure Craziness

Before Christmas I started building a hexagon quilt for a gift.
I used Jaybird Quilts hexagon quilt along as a guide.
I even purchased a jelly roll.  (since it was going to be a gift, I could ratioanlize the cost.)


I chose the Pure line by Sweetwater.
I played with the strips for hours before finally sewing and cutting them into triangles.

I got them all lined up on the floor, set out exactly how I wanted them to be.
It took hours.
I piled them neatly into little stacks, numbered and ready to be sewed.
I then managed to dump all my little stacks all over the floor.
On Christmas Eve Eve.
I'm glad the kids were sleeping because I sure didn't say "Golly, gosh darn!"

Yeah, I didn't give that one as a gift.

Last week I finally got around to re-sorting and organizing them again.

Then I PINNED them into little numbered piles.
and sewed 'em together.

pure hexagons

Another top done!

Into the "QUILT ME" closet.


I had a few leftover hexagons and I played with them and came up with a pillow

pure pillow (3)

It's a hexagon made of hexagons! 

It was a challenge.

It's done.

and I like it.

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