Saturday, February 26, 2011

And....there went February.

italian jar

The last two weeks I have done almost no sewing.

First, my Mr. was out of town with the Ballet, which left me tired at the end of the day with no energy for sewing.
Then, as soon as he returned, Muffin got sick and shared the sore-throat-achey-body-exhausted-hacking-cough with me.
Also, the weather took a random turn for the worse and we had a snow day
(we NEVER have snow days this late in February)

Have you ever tried doing anything remotely productive with a cold and cooped up children?

Temperatures are still barely over freezing.
We're just now getting over the yuckiness, although I'm still coughing.


We did manage to finally close on the property we're buying.
whoo hoo!

Mr Chaos left again today for a week of touring with the Ballet.
I doubt much sewing will be done this week.

I have costumes for the next show to sort through and catalog.
(we're renting the costumes and they didn't come with an inventory.)

I've been playing with my graph paper and quilty ideas, and some of them actually look nice!
But, I'm sticking to my guns and not starting any new full size projects until I finish something.

I've just got the hand sewing of the binding left on the Erik Homemade Mystery Quilt.
maybe tonight?

I'm feeling a serious lack of motivation today.
 (can you tell?)

Hopefully I'll have something original whipped up and ready share in the next month. 

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