Sunday, February 20, 2011

Twelve Pounds of Fabric

When the box arrived I weighed it.  It was just over 12 lbs with the box.
I went back and re-read the description. 
"12 Pound Fabric Grab Bag
Each grab bag is a 12 pound box of assorted fabric pieces"
Okay, so I can't get grumpy.  The description doesn't specify 12 lbs of fabric, but a 12 lb box of fabric.
Ready for details? 
12 lbs
Here are all 124 pieces of fabric. 
A total of over 27 yards. (and I was really conservative in my measuring)
Which averages out to about $ 2.45 /yd.
Totally worth it.
there were only 7 pieces that were not WOF.
the smallest of these was 5"x11"
There was one 2 1/2" strip, everything else was wider.
There was a good variety of widths, 4" and 13" were the most common.
The longest piece was 20".

There were 3 or 4 that had tiny flaws.
12 lbs (3)
These are sorted by width, with the biggest pieces in the upper right corner.
Totally yummy fabrics.


12 lbs (2)
These three rows are sorted by style. 
Row One
  • Batiks - the bottom one is a gorgeous weeping tree print.
  • Next are the holiday fabrics.  There was a total over just over 1 yd of 12 Days of Christmas white snowflakes.  Happiness!!!  That's enough to use with the other bits I've been hording.
 Row Two
  • 1920 reproductions!  I love these and were very happy to see them.
  • Civil War reproductions!  I've ALWAYS wanted to play with I can!  One of the prints is 110" wide.  hmmm, what to do...
Row Three
  • Solids - Two are 110" wide.  lovely variety of colors.
  • 5 prints from The Butterfly Garden Collection.  That was the most of one fabric line I received.

And then, there were these 7 pieces.

12 lbs (4)

The only non-"quilting cottons."
three holiday flannels and two others...


stack of solids

Solids!  Can't have too much of these.  Totally love the greens.
12 lbs fav

Sunkissed  - Words on white and yellow!
CENTRAL PARK!!! - have I mentioned how much I adore Kate Spain? 

Would I buy it next year?
At under $2.50/yd it is a very cost-effective way to restock fabrics.

They are all current designer prints, nothing was uber thin or ugly.

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  1. What a stash! Where did you find this box of goodies? Just found your blog thanks to the block lotto and it really made me smile .. especially when you talk about people with eyes glazing over when the fabric talk gets too much!! Thats why I love blogging so much - my kind of people!!