Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What Have You Been Up To?

I've been up to my ears in costumes.
Alice in Wonderland costumes.
lots of masks and unitards with tails and wings. 

Needless to say, not a lot of "fun" sewing has been done.  I have done some bee blocks, and I'm behind again with getting them to their homes.

Over the holidays my sister and a friend each got me a gift card to our local quilt shop. (Which happens to be right next to my sister's salon.)  My sister gave me express instructions to buy things that I found pretty, just to have. 

I've made two trips to the little shop.

Oh My Goodness.

Where do you even start?  The first time I went in I found these:

1 yard of Sunkissed Gray Script and a 1/2 yard of Living Elements - Pink.  The lady at the cutting table was very surprised that they went together so well. 

I told myself that it was perfectly acceptable to spend more than $10 a yard on fabric.  It was still hard to do.  I've decided I need more than a yard of the Gray Script.  I think I love it. No, I know I love it.

Today, I had more time to browse around.  As I wandered around and around the little shop, I kept finding fabrics that I had received from the Fabric Fairy.  It was like a treasure hunt!  I kept smiling to myself and feeling very lucky to know such wonderful people.

I'm still smiling.

Today, I went in for more Sunkissed Gray Script, but instead I found their scrap bin and sale fat quarters.

I got these two fqs. 

Botany!  and 12 Days of Christmas!
Both will go nicely with the first Fabric Fairy package I received.

The scrap bin was great!  I found 9 ounces of nice sized fabric bits.

Three Kona Solids, not sure which ones they are.  (Which is the only bummer thing about buying from the bin, no labels.)

A Kate Spain print, another living elements, and some Pure.

It was a nice trip and put me in a good mood. 

Happiness to you!

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