Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cathedral Windows ~ Step Two


The goal of this step is to fold each square in half and sew along the short edges.

*A note about thread - It is important to use thread that matches the color of your squares.*

Fold one square of fabric like this.

folded square

Sew along one of the short edges.  I start sewing at the "top"  (the edge that isn't folded.)

I like to chain piece them, it keeps everything together.

chain piecing detail

So, continue folding and sewing along one of the short edges. Do this for all your squares.

one side sewn

Once everything has been sewn together, clip the threads joining each square, and repeat the process for the the other side, starting again at the unfolded edge.

Voila, a square with both short edges sewn.
(sorry no picture, completely forgot about it)

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  1. looks simple enough. :) I like it broken down like this.