Friday, September 03, 2010

Catherdral Windows, Step One

The goal of this step is to end up with twenty-one 12" squares of background fabric.

I fold the yardage selvage to selvage, and then fold again, so it fits nicely on the ironing board which doubles as a longer cutting table.  Then I roughly measure out 13(ish) inches, using my handy-dandy ruler.

measuring on ironing board

Then I cut with scissors.

first cut with siscors

I repeat until I have 8 - 13" x WOF strips.  I only need 7, but I like to have an extra.

stack of 13 in strips

Now I square the strips up and cut into 12" squares.  Pretty basic.
I cut them width-wise first, getting three 12"x 13"(ish) squares from each strip.

ready to cut

Then I stack the three, turn and trim the other two sides.  Then I repeat for the rest of the strips.

stack of 12 inch squares
Viola, a stack of 12" squares.

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