Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Finding a Home

We've spent the last month or so of weekends driving around the Willamette Valley checking out houses and properties.  Nothing.  Either the property is yucky or the house is falling apart. 

Someone mentioned that we might be interested in talking to Adair Homes, you find land and they build your house, pretty reasonably.  Mr. Chaos and I did our research online and went to talk to Kellie, a "Home Ownership Counselor" at Adair. 

Wow.  seems almost do-able.  We find land and do some sweat-equity, and they build a great house.  We're cautiously excited.  We picked through their blueprints and found one we like, "the 1920".  (all the plans have names that reflect the square footage of the house.)  Not positive it's "the one" but it's in first place right now.

We found a piece of property we like, about 30 minutes south of our current home.  Now, the next step is to have one of the Adair people evaluate the site and let us know if it will work for us.

Stay tuned!

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