Friday, November 19, 2010

I Need a Cape...

I had a super-mom adventure last week.

Friday was Muffin's birthday.  Our conversation that morning went like this:

Me: "Happy Birthday Muffin!"
Muffin: "Thank you. can I pick out the fabric for my birthday dress now?"

(first I've heard of a birthday dress)

Me: "umm, sure. you want to be able to wear it to your party tomorrow, don't you?"

Ladies and Gents, I managed (among other massive plans for the day) to finished a gray and pink polka dot dress with sparkly buttons and bright pink yo-yo flowers.
ready for the party.

birthday dress

I didn't buy a thing.  I used a pattern I had been gifted (Simplicity 5489) and pulled the fabric from my stash. I actually had two different possibilities - Gray with Pink dots or Black with Red flowers.

detail birthday dress

The stems to the flowers are "supposed" to be embroidered on, but when I did that I didn't think they stood out enough, so I used some totally wonder-iffic faux chenille that came as a goodie with this mini.

The flowers came out of some of the fabric the Fabric Fairy had sent my way - the bright pinks were PERFECT.

The buttons (which you can't see) have tiny rhinestones at their centers.

The shirt she's wearing underneath the dress was the activity at the party.

I'll save the party details for another post.


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