Monday, November 08, 2010


Today, Miss Mae got the mail.  She's eight and is very interested in what comes in the mail.  She wanted to know what I had ordered from "The Fabric Fairy" and where that store was. 

My jaw just about dropped.
I was in the middle of draining a pot of boiling penne, and it almost landed on the floor.  

The kids almost got to have cereal for dinner.

There were two packages, one of which had "The Fabric Fairy" listed as the return address. 

I am in total shock. 
Today I received two more packages from the Fabric Fairy. 


completely unbelievable. 
that makes three anonymous gifts of beautiful fabrics.

I cannot express in words the overwhelming gratitude and appreciation I feel.

I'm not sure what I've done to deserve such kindnesses.

Another kindness

One package had a Santorini charm pack (yumminess in pinks and greens!) and two coordinating fat quarters. (loving the little birds!)

Another kindess

The other package (which smelled wonderful - like fresh lavender) included a figgy pudding charm pack, a fat quarter and five fat eighths. All are super wonderful, exactly prints I would have chosen for myself.  (had I actually gotten past the point of feeling guilty about buying fabric just because it's pretty.)

I called Mr Chaos to share the news about the surprise packages and his response was,
"Karma babe.  you do good things.  what goes around comes around."

Thank you fairies of fabric happiness.
Thank you, for sharing a bit of these wonderful fabrics with me.
Fabrics I will be fondling and petting for....well, awhile.

I'm still unsure of what I've done to warrant such kindness, but I am appreciative.

I am enjoying the fabrics.
I am enjoying teaching my children about random acts of kindness.
I am enjoying thinking about all the possibilities that exist in my little corner of fabric heaven.

Last night I petted, sorted and re-sorted the botany layer cake.  Mr. Chaos just smiled and shook his head.


  1. What a wonderful thing for someone to do for another! I just think it is so fantastic, and really encouraging in a society that seems to be increasingly alienated.

  2. "I am enjoying teaching my children about random acts of kindness."

    (great sentence-- they'll remember lessons like these for a long time methinks)
    and :-O
    How exciting! I especially ♥ Figgy Pudding.

  3. what fun! and I love how you are teaching your children about kindness. But I think I love your husband's response the most. LOL. What a great supporter he sounds like!