Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank You. I Cannot Say It Enough.

I was totally expecting the post man to knock on my door this week with a couple of Christmas fabric orders.  So I wasn't surprised when he knocked and handed me a couple of packages.

I had ordered from Connecting Threads for the first time.  I needed some red and greens for a couple of Christmas gifts and they had this great sampler of 24 fat eighths.

connecting Threads christmas fabric


 I also got a kit for a Starburst Mini I think one of my friend will love.  The fabrics fit her PERFECTLY!  plus, the kit cost less than $9.

star burst kit

What I wasn't expecting this

fabric fairy 11-17

This wonderful gift included 1/2 yard cuts, fat quarters and nicely labeled baggy of Verna scraps and the two little packets of precuts.

I can't express my surprise and gratitude enough.
I was blown away by the kindness of the first packages, but that it continues is almost unbelievable. 

The next day this surprise was waiting for me.

fabric fairy 11-18 (2)

This little packet is just as special to me as the previous ones. 

I think I'm going to get a bit more personal than I have in the past.  been thinking about it for a while...

I'm bipolar. 

I have other mental health quirks that also stem from the bipolar.

I was diagnosed in high school, almost 15 years ago.
I'm 31 years old and was diagnosed at 17.
I take medication everyday to maintain my ability to function as a normal human being.
In "real life" I don't make friends easily.
I'm a homebody.
Given the opportunity I would probably become a hermit.
I don't like talking to people I don't know, because sometimes almost always my words get twisted on the way from my brain to my tongue.

I take my medication everyday because I love my family.
It wouldn't be fair to them if I decided I didn't like the side effects of the medications.
I am content and love my life.

Having said that, the fact that so many people from across the country have read my ramblings here and were so touched as to find my address and send me something is almost beyond my comprehension.
Stumbling across the quilting community in flickr and all the wonderful blogs has probably been one of the best things for me.

One of the side effects of the medications is that it stifles my creative abilities to design anything.  Show me a picture and I can build it, but ask for a design and I struggle for hours.  The blogs and flickr discussions have really helped to focus what little creative ability I have available to me.

I thank you all for that.

I thank you for the happiness and sense of self that being a part of this community has given me. 

As silly as it sounds it is nice to be known as something other than "Miss Mae's Mom"

Well there you go.  Probably a bit more than you really wanted to know.

Thank you again my fabric fairy friends.  It means a lot and touches my heart that the gifts continue.


  1. Bravo to you, Kristin, for your courage.

    How refreshing to read something so real and honest. I wish for you all the creative energy you can handle!

    Big hugs from New Zealand :)

  2. I agree -- bravo to you. Thank you for your courage.

    You epitomize being a good mom. :)

    And enjoy those bundles!