Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Wonderful Suprise

I'm sorry it has taken me to long to post this one, I've been crazy busy and my laptop broke, so I'm using a desktop that I'm not familiar with.

Last week I received this in the mail
The Fabric Fairy Visits Again

It came on a super busy day, I was prepping to take a weekend trip to Anchorage to spend Thanksgiving with Mr. Chaos.  I did a million loads of laundry, cleaned the house and entertained my children - who had a snow day.

When I finally got to open the package, after all the littles were in bed, I think I actually squeeked.  why, you ask?

Because this scrap was on the top of the package
The Fabric Fairy Visits Again

I have NEVER found these mermaids in any grab bag or scrap sack.  I adore them.

There were allso the larger fat quarter and 1/2 yard pieces in the photo above, AND a bunch of nice sized scrap pieces.

The Fabric Fairy Visits Again

Thank you.

I've decided that once things calm down and I get caught up on my bee blocks, I am going to make a few quilties and pretties from all these awesome fabrics I've received and do giveaways.  Sort of a thank you.  Maybe one of the wonderful fabric fairies will win a nifty little pretty.

In other news, Miss Mae finished up her very first quiltie.

She did everything, and I am so proud!  She received this kit from Starlit Nest a million months ago, and we finally got around to finishing it. 

I'm up here in Anchorage enjoying a quiet day.  I brought a few hand sewing projects, but mostly I'm relaxing.  Tomorrow I shall fly home on 4 different planes thru 3 different time zones.  It's what you call cheapest flight possible!

Since I enjoy flying and people watching I should have a good time.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. how many is this now?!? woo hoo! I hope your flight went well. :)

    (and tell Miss Mae her quilt is cute!)

  2. Wait -- don't go thinking that you need to do giveaways! People sent the fabric for YOU. :)