Sunday, December 05, 2010

Friday's Fabric Goodness!

I had a totally AWESOME package crammed into my mailbox on Friday.

maybe I need to look into getting a bigger box....

Anyway, I got a wonderful surprise from AUSTRALIA!  Yup.  Wow!
Someone halfway around the world cared enough to add a bit of happiness to my weekend.
Really, it did make it all better.

fabric fairy 12-2 (2)

Wanna see what was in it?

fabric fairy 12-2

Transportation Fabrics!  Linen Transportation Fabrics!
These are totally great.  Especially since they aren't boyish.
They're pretty gender neutral, which is great because girls like helicopters too.

I also played a bit with that panel the original Fabric Fairy sent my way.  I even convinced Mr Chaos that I couldn't finish the project without a yard of fabric from the expensive fabric store.  It was on sale, but yipes!  $7.50 a yard still hurts a bit.  Can't imagine buying enough for a whole project in there!

12 days peek

I finished it, but have yet to take a picture.
The kids have had a blast singing the song every time they see it.

Last night my sister and a friend came over after the kids were in bed and we watched  listened to White Christmas while I taught my sister how to make quilted stockings for her family.
She, who has never touched a sewing machine and only uses a needle and thread to sew up ripped bears and lovies, wants to make stockings.
5 of them.

We got everything cut out last night, no actual sewing.  She was so funny.

"this is way more involved than I thought it would be, I mean, 4 layers!"
(front, back, and two lining pieces..we haven't added any batting yet!)

hopefully I'll remember to take pictures next time we work on finishing them.
and I need to take a picture of the sample I whipped up to make sure my process was good before teaching someone else. It turned out super cute.

Oh well.

Craziness on top of chaos.
happy days.

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