Monday, December 27, 2010

wow. a lot of sewing.

Where to begin?

One project at a time.

My sister (Emmy's) first sewing attempt was a huge success.  I whipped up a sample, just to make sure my method was correct.

Took me about an hour.

stocking sample (2)

Super cute, no?

stocking sample (3)

mini red pom-poms!

 stocking sample

these wavy lines are my new favorite quilting stitch.
(you'll be seeing more of them)
My machine does it all by itself and it works with the walking foot.

I loosely followed this tute - mostly the part about sewing in the lining all pretty.

Emmy did awesome.
Took her three or four nights to finish everything.

It was the first time I'd taught an adult.
She did all the cutting, pinning, sewing and quilting. 

She only had to re-cut 2 pieces and rip out one seam. (she did rip out that one seam three times...)

emmys stockings 1

She did all the quilting, and when it wasn't perfect, I explained that she meant to do it that way, it's called "organic quilting"

emmys stockings

we laughed.

a lot.
might have been the late hours - she could only come over after all the kids (hers and mine) were in bed.

it was fun
I totally hope she wants to sew again.

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