Friday, December 31, 2010

Part One of Four ~ Finished Quilts ~

4 Quilts in two weeks. 

pink around the world folded

First I completed the this one, for Miss Mae.
Not a gift, just WAY overdue.  The top has been done and hanging in the closet for almost a year.

Pink Scrappy Bargello.  It's big enough just to lay on top of her bed, with no overhang.

pink around the world

I quilted it in pink with my new favorite wavy lines.

pink scrappy barello detail

And the back was pieced from my stash.

pink around the world back

Actually, the entire quilt is leftovers and remnant bin finds.
both girls have dresses made out of the pink cherries, and Miss Mae's 3rd birthday dress was made from the white with little flowers on it.   {Yikes!  that was five years ago!}

There are memories attached to almost all the pieces in it.

Each quilt I finished in December will get it's own post, so stay tuned!

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