Friday, July 30, 2010

Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt Along #5 Update

CMQ #5 week six

I'm a bit behind in this quilt along.  I just finished Week 6.  Monday she'll post week 9 instuctions.  Oh well.  I'm having a good time.  It is a really intense quilt to work on. It's been a bit difficult, all the segments pieced together end up being longer than the sashing strips, so I've learned a few things.

  1. starch is a good thing. by starching the crud out of the segmented strips, they don't stretch as much.
  2. an accurate 1/4" is totally important.  mine are pretty good, with only a couple in each strip that aren't accurate, but every 1/8" adds up.
  3. not a project to work on when the kids are awake.  nope.  can't concentrate at all.
It is going to a great looking quilt when it's done.  I love the bright colors and the white.

CMQ #5 week 6

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  1. Thank you...I am not the only one having a hard time getting my strips right, and I can not work on this quilt when my girls are awake either! I love yours so far. I hope to be more caught up than I am now by the end of this weekend.