Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Decor

So, I sew.  I quilt.  I've never done curtains or shades, cushions and stuff like that.    Last month Mr. Chaos and I were getting very tired of having our sleep disturbed as soon as the sun came up and lit up the Girls' room.  One morning our conversation, mumbled through pillows went something like this:

Me:  Arg.  They're up early again.

Mr. Chaos:  You sew. Can't you build a shade or something the sun can't shine through?

Me:  I guess...I'll have to figure it out.

Later that day I called my Mom and borrowed her book on home decorating.  Oh my.  This book was written in 1986.  There were pictures of rooms done entirely in green and red plaid.  Seriously.  Big bows.  Blech. 

But, in the technique section I found super simple instructions for making a roman shade with a blackout lining.  Another conversation.

Me:  I found directions, I'll need to go to the hardware store for some notions.

Mr. Chaos:  Notions?  at the hardware store?!?

Me:  Yeah, you know, nylon string, eye hooks, L brackets, a cleat...

Mr. Chaos: Hardware, hun.  Its called hardware.

Me:  Okay.  Does it really make a difference?

Mr. Chaos:  YES.  it does.  You do not buy notions at a hardware store.

Here's the finished product:  Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest.

girls new shade

girls new shade (2)

Now, they don't wake up with the sun.  Success.

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