Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My sewing machine...

Last night at 9:58 pm my wonderful everyday sewing machine went "ker-chunk."  I stopped sewing, re-threaded everything and cleaned out all the cotton dust.  No luck.  She still functions, but she's still making the ker-chunking noise and turning the hand wheel is much harder.

This morning I packed her up and took her to my local repair shop.  I explained what was happening and he tried turning the wheel.  His only comment was "That doesn't feel right" (no, really?) No idea how long I'll be machineless.  The new one still isn't set up, and its more for industrial sewing away.

Mr. Chaos is out of town all week, leaving me with quiet evenings.

What's a girl to do?

Cutting.  I will be spending my evenings prepping and cutting everything I been putting off.  Borders, pieces, you name it, I'm gonna cut it.

On a side note, Mr Chaos was wondering around downtown Walla Walla and sent me these pictures.

other quilt

I like this one best.

flower quilt

It's so nice to know he's thinking of me, even when he's not here. 


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